Giving up on a liveable Earth

[ poem  ]

What keeps these clouds afloat
that makes the raindrops.
What lifts them up-and bring back-
I used to wonder when I was growing up.

All was fresh, green, and clean-
Our thoughts, people, and the environment
we lived.

When I was growing up,
on a “supposedly” fine day,
I heard “adults” screaming.

“The sun is nowhere near!”

Children of my age were yelling
in despair and emotional breakage.

“Have they burned the forest?
Or, smoked all day and nights.”

There was no answer.

I became “the adult” now.
The earth is warming day by day-
The air we breathe disperses pungent fragrance,
As you may taste them too!

Things changed (not all of sudden, though).

In front of our own eyes-
The ecology is under stress.
The entire “living” ecosystem is slipping away.
The chaos of over-consumption felt everywhere.
Natural harmony and balance are compromised.
The food is turning into chemicals.
Concrete is replacing the forests.
Just like the crowd of cold-hearted people
becoming tyrants.

“Peace” is long gone - surrendered to “rush.”

Laying atop a mountain peak, I see
the grey “Himalayas” bleeds ice and snow.
And, the lakes are becoming barren lands-

I wonder with a broken heart.

Where did the freshwater go?
Did someone wrap them in plastic bags?
And, thought to save it for their children?