“Not Expressing The ‘Present’ — Overshooting For The Future”

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[1] The ‘Unacknowledged’ Present

Imagine the time we slip into voidness-which, for me, would be an epitome of personal narratives: trying to conquer and give up, at once. Long past those days, I used to collect things for memories. These days I do not collect anything for any reason. Once we lose their meaning to the 'present', it does not matter where you put your memories into. Good moments may decay - you cannot always pick them up from memory lane. Time becomes irrelevant under such circumstances. Basically, what has gone, is gone - and will count just an experience-over some achievements or failures. What will come is unknown, and can be loosely assumed or expected, when some known apriori. However, carrying pandemonium over the futile future whilst gratifying the old past is definitely not a good thing to do, I think. The 'present' is the only reachable entity -where you can interact with the environment. Else is a myth which most of us have exaggerated - when it comes to having the access, an intervention to mold or disintegrate; to realize.

“Contemplations are good, not the self-confrontation when having bad thoughts. It only leads to trouble.”

[2] The ‘Bad’ Thoughts

Swami Vivekananda quotes, ' We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far'. Touching only a few of the aspects said by Vivekananda here may lead to a broader realization. Dwelling on sad, sullen thoughts can only disintegrate your 'present' ambiance which is your only known support and where you have to find a better way when things go wrong. Contemplations are good, not the self-confrontation when having bad thoughts. It only leads to trouble. Another aspect of life is that good thoughts spur collaboration amongst spiritual functionalities and enable harmony in between the "body, mind, and soul" trilogy for happiness. When bad thoughts capture our thinking process, we so easily surrender ourselves to the abyss of dismay. Then, we cannot see the possibility of an 'alternative way'. We choose to give up. Just like that!

“Appreciating honest efforts, hard work and perseverance is a 'birth' process.”

[3] The ‘Birth’

When the beads of bad thoughts are woven together, we cannot charm the 'present'- instead, we try to fantasize about the gone past or the uncertain future. Romanticizing an achievement is a dying process. Appreciating honest efforts, hard work, and perseverance is a 'birth' process. What I have realized so far is that apparent 'successes' are not complete. Successes should be acknowledged by 'efforts' as well, not just demarked with the 'results'. Making an effort is a 'birth' of you as an individual. Since the day you are born, you have been doing that - one way or the other, right? Sometimes I feel success is just like the leaves that enjoy the early drift along with the wind when it gets detached from the trees. But the settling process is not as calm as it can be for its existence. Sooner the curse of the wind is realized- and it can only lament for its 'dry' demise. However, success can, if well understood, appreciated, and acknowledged, spread like the seeds- carried over - only multiply in numbers, and grow like a tree or blossom like a flower.

Calm and conscious interaction with the 'present' is an art. How graceful are we doing so?